19 décembre 2006

Les devoirs pour le mercredi 10 janvier 2007

Bonjour tout le monde,

Here's a wee reminder of the homework for the holidays.

- Revise vocabulary up to page 5 as we will be moving on to the next section after the holidays. Remember that there is an Audio copy of the booklet available to download. In case you've forgotten how to access it, click on the 'MY BLOG' link.

- Also I would like you to write an answer in French to the following questions (about 60-100 words):

a. Quel est ton moyen de transport préféré? Pourquoi?
b. Quel moyen de transport aimes-tu le moins (the least)? Pourquoi?
c. Est-ce que tu aimes utiliser les transports en commun (public transport)? Lesquels (which ones)? Pourquoi?

I suggest you word-process your draft for 2 reasons. First it is quicker to make corrections (no need to write it all out again!) and also because we will eventually post those messages on the Blogs (so we'll just cut and paste them). For those who I have access to the Blog, I have also posted those questions onto your Blogs.

Mlle Blanc


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